Three Ways to Spread Kindness with Your Kids


I think one thing that we all generally want to teach our kids…is how to be kind to others, you know do little random acts of kindness and always help those that are in need. It’s just we hit the same question, how? How do we instill this into our little babe’s heads so that they go through life with that automatic response to just help, to be kind and to love everyone? I mean, honestly, we have a hard enough job as Moms as is trying to teach them to be good people in every other aspect and you know, raise exceptional tiny human beings. So we’ve come up with three ways you can easily show your little ones how to spread kindness daily!


  1. Lead by example. I think this is the most obvious one of them all, but it’s so true that we just HAD to start with it. Simply holding the door open, asking someone how their day is, giving a hug to someone when they need a hug, they’re simple things to do and well…these kids of ours are watching everything we do, soaking it all in. If we are showing them how to love and be kind to everyone around us, it’s going to come naturally to them. Which in turn goes with loving yourself. Try not to talk negatively about yourself, your body or anyone else. This is just good practice for ourselves in general, but especially in front of our babes. Remember, they hear and take in, every, single, thing we do and say.
  2. Plan a kindness act once a week. A simple thing — whether it’s going to the grocery store and finding someone to help load their groceries or dropping off a treat at a friend’s house to just give them a little “pick me up” for the day. You can make it a game and your kid’s will love it. Especially the idea of leaving a present on the door and running as fast as they can back to the car so they “don’t get caught”. Simple kindness acts once a week are great and they’re fun too. Plus, then each week (say Mondays) you can sit down for breakfast in the morning and talk with your kids about what random act of kindness you’re going to focus on for that week.
  3. Manners. This is obviously one that we all generally teach our kids, you know, please, thank you, you’re welcome, but it goes a little further than that. We also want to make sure we are consistently doing it ourselves. Saying, “Hey, can you please hand me that” or during the disciplining moments, “Please, don’t do that”. I know…I sound ridiculous, it’s fine. It’s just such an easy thing to teach and demonstrate kindness that I thought it was great to hit. 😉


I just think it’s so important we raise our tiny humans to be the most kind and loving that we possibly can. Obviously, we want to teach them to be safe, but we want them to love those around them, stand up for what is right and demonstrate kindness everywhere that they possibly can!


This post was written by Jess Oakes, from Positively Oakes.

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