Making Time for YOU

We’re just here to you know, spread a little cheer (and confetti) and make your life a tiny bit easier. So I’m excited to share five life hacks on the blog today! All ones I use here and there and that well, make life a heck of alot easier. Isn’t it funny when you find out about a new “life hack” and you’re like, are you kidding me? Do you know how much time that would’ve saved me? Yeah, prepare to have your mind blown.


  1. Tape…packing tape, duct tape, whatever tape…how many of you have caught yourself trying to find the end to peel it back? I literally spent 10 minutes doing that yesterday with packing tape as I was trying to get a package mailed out. Hence why you’re hearing this tip. Well…throw a paperclip on the end (the sticky side of course) and it’ll hold your place!
  2. Squeezing lemons. Making lemonade? Or just squeezing lemons for fun (eh?)? Either way, use tongs! It eliminates the mess from your hands and helps you squeeze all the juice out a little easier!
  3. Reheating pizza? This is literally my husband’s favorite tip and he eats pizza weekly, so trust me it works. Usually when you reheat it, it’s not as soft or well…delicious tasting. BUT if you throw in a small glass of water (about half full) in the microwave with the pizza, it keeps it soft!! Weird, right?
  4. Ladies…where you at? Bobby pins…if you’re anything like I am they’re probably just about everywhere except their container in your house. TIP: Grab the sticky magnetic tape at your local craft store and stick a strip inside a drawer or cabinet, then start throwing your bobby pins on that!
  5. Traveling — next time you’re traveling via plane and you check a bag, make your luggage just a little bit easier to find by tying a bow or ribbon onto the top! This way it sticks out when you’re at baggage claim and you can grab it and get to your destination just a little faster. 😉

Now you know. What life tips and tricks do you have?! We want to hear em’, throw them in the comments below. Trust me, I need all the “life hacks” I can get…


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