Five Uplifting Signs You NEED In Your Home

I’m the type of person who loves putting inspirations everywhere I can in my home. I want to turn a corner and see an uplifting quote or thought, you know something that reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Or one word that will give me the push to get through the day because my two year old is being a two year old and hasn’t napped in a week. You know…just some daily pick me ups. I also think it’s so important to for my little girl to grow up with happy thoughts and encouraging messages surrounding her.

So today I’ve rounded up five signs that I think everyone needs in their home and honestly, you might think FIVE? That’s a lot of signs, but think about it — is it? 😉 You most likely have five rooms in your house, one for every room or if you have more, spread em’ out; kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hallways, living room.

Now let’s dive in:

Untitled design (2)

Image credits/where to buy:

Here & Now: RubyRye

Dream & Work: TheQuotes

Enjoy the Little Things: The Crown Prints

Love Makes: Keowli Creations

Be Strong: Huckleberry Avenue

Or you can get totally creative and contact a fellow Etsy (or friend) artist or even a letterboard to make a sign with your favorite quote! Something you want your family to see everyday and live by! Spreading kindness and love everyday.

This post was posted by Jess Oakes and contains affiliate links.

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