The Best Smart Phone Editing Apps

Since cameras are getting better and better on phones, it’s allowing us to be able to capture beautiful pictures in the matter of seconds. Throw in a little editing and it completes them! So I went out, tried a bunch of editing apps and rounded up my tops favorite ones that do a little bit of everything and are well…the easiest to use because let’s be honest, we need simplicity in our lives, am I right?!


  1. Snapseed: This one is great for adjusting lighting, contrast, etc. the basics of photo editing, but it’s really great because you can select specific areas of the photo to edit. So let’s say your little one’s face is really shadowed, you can highlight just that area and lighten it up!
  2. ColorStory: I will generally use this one after Snapseed and will filter it with a good filter! Or if the photo has great lighting without other editing, then I jump right in. My favorite filters are the “Pop” and “Everyday” ones!
  3. Retouch: This app is literally game changing. It removes things from pictures! Let’s say you grab the cutest picture but there’s cars in the background. It takes them right out with the click of a couple of buttons!


What’s your favorite photo editing app on your phone? It’s incredible how far technology has come!

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One thought on “The Best Smart Phone Editing Apps

  1. I ordered 2 boxes last week and one arrives Thursday and the other one still hasn,t gotten there and they were shipped to the same address


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