3 Ways to be a HAPPIER You

I think a lot of times we get wrapped up in life, you know the negatives of it rather than the positives, rather than the blessings we have in our life. We look at everyone around and think about how good they have it, we compare, we judge, we get swallowed up into this hole and we forget all about all the good that’s in our life. There are nights when I find myself scrolling through social media or looking at Pinterest and before I know it I am down in the dumps, cursing at the universe because I don’t have marble countertops and beautiful long hair with perfect skin. Is that really living though? Nope. It’s not. You just CAN’T live like that! So today, I’m sharing five ways that have made me overall a happier person, five ways that have gotten me out of the “funk” that you can sometimes get in and five ways that make me a better me.


  1. Stop comparing. The minute you start comparing is the minute you start to go down that dark hole. So here’s how it works, when your mind starts to wander, when you start looking at pictures and your mind goes to that place where it’s thinking negatively and wishing things were different, TURN IT OFF. If you’re physically looking at something that is making you feel this way, get out of it. If it’s just thoughts, you have to train your brain to stop it the second it enters and redirect.
  2. Listen to happy music. I know that when I am having a bad day and I turn on a song that is upbeat and happy, it’s like my mood shifts completely. I put my dancing shoes on and I’m tapping along, with a smile on my face and snapping my fingers while I try to get my toddler to dance in the back. Music can shape your mood — so why not make it a happy one.
  3. Meditation. Now I am not saying you have to side on a yoga mat, in the dark for an hour. Meditation can be whatever you want it to be. So if you want it to be on a yoga mat in the dark for an hour, do it. If you have 5 minutes and you need peace and quiet, lay down, direct your mind to happiness and clear the stress. If you like to write, write things down, journal! Whatever it is, find that meditation space and go with it!


What things make you your happiest?



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