As you may have seen on our Insta-story we have been sharing fun acts of service to do! Obviously our biggest thing for the entire Brightbox experience is kindness. We want to make it easy to spread kindness all around and to bring a little happiness to people’s lives! So today we’re going to share 15 ways you can do little random acts of kindness everyday! They’re all easy and honestly — you probably do a chunk of them already.


  1. Hold the door open for someone
  2. REALLY compliment someone and do it meaningful
  3. Send a postcard to a children’s hospital (or a Brightbox ;))
  4. Do a load of laundry for your spouse
  5. Carry someone’s groceries to their car
  6. Leave a good tip for your waiter/waitress
  7. Smile at someone just because
  8. Give someone a break — you know that moment when you’re at your wits end, take a breath and forget about it
  9. Donate your old clothes/toys
  10. Pay for the person behind you in a drive thru
  11. REALLY listen when someone is talking to you
  12. Babysit FOR FREE
  13. Hide a love note for a loved one to find
  14. Pick up trash that you might see on the ground
  15. Say “I love you” to someone you love.


What are some fun random acts of kindness you like to do?



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