DIY Kids Fall Craft: Leaf Painting

I can’t believe fall is here, today’s the official day. I love fall, literally — my FAVORITE season, but with fall means colder weather and a lot more inside time. So…if you have kids you know what that means, coming up with ideas for activities that are INSIDE the house. And lemme tell ya, I swear after the first two weeks of cold weather my mind is blank and I am searching Pinterest for the next grand idea. Then feeling really discouraged because well….my craft skills are slim to none.


So today I am so excited to show you the EASIEST little kid’s craft for this fall season and guess what? You DON’T have to be crafty AT ALL! In fact, the messier, the better – just let your littles have fun! However I would suggest, throwing down a Gathre mat or something on the floor, you paint doesn’t go EVERYWHERE.




Here’s what you’re going to need (and most likely already have):

  • Leaves (let those kids over yours hit the backyard for a few minutes to collect some leaves!)
  • Paint (I suggest washable)
  • Paper



Honestly, there aren’t really “steps” it’s just easy. Put little paint “dollops” on a plate or paper towel and let your babes use the leaves as their paint brush or “stamp” and go to town!

Let their masterpiece dry and hang it up where they can look at it!

Fun & Frothy


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