3 Ways to use Brightbox This Halloween!


Can you believe that it’s already Halloween time?! It’s crazy! Well, first off — have you seen our exclusive Halloween items to send this month!? They’re kind of the cutest (biased) and we wanted to show you three fun ways to use them this month for the holiday!


  1. “BOO” – You know the good ol’ fashioned game of “Boo” where you leave a little treat on your neighbors door, ring the doorbell and run! Why not use Brightboxes for just that?! Order a few, have em’ shipped to your door (we do the work for you and they’ll have Halloween treats in them), then grab your kids and play the game! It’s super easy, a great way to give back and spread a little kindness and honestly, what kid doesn’t like the concept of ringing a doorbell and running away? ūüėČ
  2. “SPOOKY SURPRISE” – Send it just the same way you would send any other Brightbox, this time we’ve just got a little theme to it. Maybe your bestie needs a pick me up, maybe your sister is sick or maybe there’s no reason at all but just to say, “Hey! Happy Halloween, you’re rockin’ it at life!” But what better time than a fun little holiday to do just that?!
  3. “FRIENDS/COWORKERS/TEACHERS APPRECIATION” – We’re big fans of spoiling those that deserve it most and well, co-workers, teachers, you name it and they most likely deserve a little pick me up for a fun Holiday. Grab a box send it with your little one to school to give to their teacher or drop it off to a co-worker that you’ve seen “burning the midnight oil”.


We love a good reason to celebrate and we love acts of kindness, so why not combine the two for a fun little spooktacular time ūüėČ Did you catch that? Spooktacular? ūüėČ HA!

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