A Few Simple Ways to Turn Your Day Around

You know the days I am talking about, where you just went to Target (basically the happiest place on earth), yet somehow you left in tears, your toddler was in tears, you don’t even feel good about the fact that you just overspent (but can because TARGET) and you’re at your limit. Like, top of the limit, like if my kid doesn’t stop whining I might snap and I swear if they smash one more dang cheerio into their car seat I don’t even know what’s going to happen, but it ain’t gonna be good, I can guarantee you that.

That kind of day.

Clearly — can you tell I’ve experienced it lately, I mean maybe today perhaps? ūüėČ BUT if there’s anything I’ve learned, especially lately with my two and a half year old going on 13, it’s how to turn that mood right around. Here’s a few things that work in our house for me:

  1. Deep breaths. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seriously though – put yourself in time out. The toddler can watch iPad, play toys or whatever for five minutes while you collect yourself because well — Mama needs a breath.
  2. Read something inspiring. There’s just something about reading a good quote that turns things around. Pinterest that thing and let’s make it happen.
  3. Music. A good hip-hop song goes a long way and I’m not talking about the stuff now a days. I mean there’s some good songs on the radio today, but I’m talkin’ 90’s-early 2000s stuff. There’s just something about a little J-lo that makes you want to kitchen dance all day and well — you can’t be in a bad mood if you want to kitchen dance.
  4. Sit and watch your little one play. Once they’ve cooled down, it’s actually really nice to just watch them play, ya know, if they’re in a better mood. ūüėČ
  5. Go for a walk. On the days where inside just isn’t cutting it I like to get out and walk around the block or something, plus my little one loves that so it’s really a win, win for all of us.


What sort of things help you turn your day around?!

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