The Gratitude Challenge

You know the one I am talking about, every year where everyone writes on their Facebook wall what they’re grateful for. 😉 Well, we are changing it up a little bit, but giving ourselves and all of you a little challenge. I mean our entire mission around here is kindness, gratefulness and making friendship easier. So this month is our jam and we are so excited to share this little challenge with you. First, you’re going to want to grab a notebook or download an app on your phone, the day one journal is a favorite of mine because it’s super convenient and you can actually get it printed into a book when you’re ready! Every morning or night (whatever is better for you), set an alarm. Trust me, set an alarm or it’s just never going to happen. Make sure it’s during a time that you’re going to have a second and if you don’t for whatever reason that day, make sure to snooze it or re-set the alarm. Then take just five minutes and write down what you’re grateful for, how that thing makes you feel and so on. We’ve even come up with a few thought starters to get your brain flowing and thinking of things you’re grateful for, for each day and turned it into a cute printable, so you can even print it if you want. Each number corresponds with the number of the month. 😉 Think about the questions and let it guide you into what you’re feeling grateful for that day!


  1. What was the one thing that brought you pure joy today?
  2. What did you learn today?
  3. Why are you grateful?
  4. What hardship did you overcome today?
  5. How was today?
  6. Did you overcome a weakness today?
  7. What’s one thing that made you stop and breath for a minute today?
  8. What brings you the ultimate joy in life?
  9. Did you tell someone you loved them today?
  10. Where is your focus at right now?
  11. What are you struggling with?
  12. What did you feel grateful for today?
  13. Who made you smile today?
  14. Did you do something kind today?
  15. What was the main thing on your mind today?
  16. What is your current go to jam?
  17. Who did you hug today?
  18. What do you want to work on?
  19. What thing made you breath a sigh of relief today?
  20. Did you help anyone today? If so, who?
  21. Where is your heart at right now?
  22. Where’s your head at?
  23. Did you buy something today?
  24. What’s the weather like?
  25. Have you done something for you lately?
  26. Did you learn any lessons today?
  27. Why was today good?
  28. Who did you spend today with the most?
  29. What goals do you have for tomorrow?
  30. What are you grateful for the most?




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