The Perfect Way to say Thank You

We love little gestures around her, affordable, simple things that just say thank you to the people we love. So we stocked up the shop this month with some super great items that you can now choose from to say thank you this month to the people you love. We wanted to break them down for you and show you a little peek of each one. So let’s do this thing.

Tossd. Scrunchies:


The scunchie trend is BACK and we are real excited about it. So these are now available in the shop to choose from for a box!
Coastal Kreatives Candles:


I mean, how can you NOT love a good candle?!
Borcik Jewelry Moon & Star Ring:


And of course the cutest little ring option for those jewelry lovers.


We also added some new treats, chocolate, hot chocolate, suckers — you know all the good things. So take a moment, think of the one person that you just love so much and want to say thank you to and send em’ a little surprise.

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