10 Holiday Traditions You’re GOING to Love

Traditions are some of our favorite things in my house. We’ve had some of the same ones for generations and generations and I love to try and add new ones each year. Just simple little things, they don’t need to be huge or grand, but special in their own ways. Well with the holidays they come like crazy and we thought we would feature a few of our favorite ones!


  1. Open stockings on Christmas eve — obviously this is one to do when your kids are older, but we started doing this and it was so fun!
  2. Watch “A Christmas Story”! I mean it’s on basically every, single, day, all day leading up to Christmas, so watch it as a family!
  3. One that I love that my Mom started and now I do with my little girl, is leaving a new stuffed animal in her bed Christmas night from Santa.
  4. Look at Christmas lights as a family on Christmas eve!
  5. Go to the movies while the turkey cooks on Thanksgiving. We did this as kids and I always looked forward to it. As we’ve gotten older we’ve changed it a little to watching a movie while it cooks, but just the same and so fun!
  6. Elf on the Shelf – you probably know what that is, especially if you have little ones, but it’s equally as fun for the adults to come up with new ways to “find him”!
  7. Camp out under the tree one night in December
  8. Take treats to your neighbors the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas!
  9. Help those in need — every year, about a week before Christmas we go through our things and my little one’s toys and we bag up as much as possible to take to those in our city that could use them!
  10. Snacks for Santa and reindeer food on the grass!


What are some of the holiday traditions you do and love?!

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