How to Involve Your Little Ones in Christmas More

Christmas is seriously my favorite time of year. I am totally the person that goes over the top and celebrates before Thanksgiving and honestly — no shame. It’s just a season that makes me happy and while, it can bring sadness too in moments, it’s still overall great and something I look forward to. So I’ve been trying to involve my little one more this year, now that she’s getting older. So I put together a little list of fun ways to involve your babes in the holidays this year! Some out of the box and some traditional ways!

  1. Let them bake with you! Sometimes it’s nice to just let it go and let them go all in. Who cares if things get messy, let them have fun and create something magical together!
  2. Give them an area of the tree to decorate. This actually worked out super nicely for us this year. I mean, even if it’s a small area — they’re just stoked to be helping! Point out a spot to decorate and set out ornaments they can use for it!
  3. Create fun pictures to hang out! Something I actually saw a friend do that I thought was pretty cute, was she let her little one color a picture, then made copies to send it with their Christmas cards that year. I loved it! We are definitely doing it this year.
  4. Have them help you wrap presents! I’ve been really trying to let go of the “Pinterest Perfect” this year and letting her just enjoy making memories. So if presents are half wrapped — who cares, as long as she had fun with it, I’m happy!
  5. Give back, this is one of my favorite ones. We usually will adopt a family and donate toys she no longer plays with and I love to have her involved as much as possible.

These are just some fun ways to get your babes involved this year. There are tons more! What’s your favorite way to do so?!

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