5 Family Fun Activities on a Budget:

Family time is seriously one of my favorite activities. Now had you asked me this when I was a teenager, it probably wouldn’t have been the same answer. 😉 HA! But now that I’m a Mom, it’s seriously makes me so dang happy! So I thought I would share five fun activities to do as a family, on a budget!


  1. Picnic at the park: This is obviously totally dependent on well, the weather BUT it’s so much fun! We love to hit a good restaurant, grab take out and hit the park! Or right now because it’s winter time, we love to do the same, just indoors with a good movie!
  2. Staycation: Grab all the bedding around the house, blankets, chairs, everything and make a HUGE fort! Snuggle up as a family, put your favorite movie on and make some popcorn.
  3. Out to dinner: This one can get expensive, but it totally doesn’t have to be! I am one of those people that LOVES to go to restaurants as a family and eat. I know, I know, screaming toddler and a restaurant, but guys it’s fine and people get it. We love to go at lunch on Saturday’s, there’s tons of lunch specials and it saves us money in more ways than one!
  4. Local scenery: A few weekends ago, we hopped in the car on a nice Saturday afternoon, filled up with gas and drove around a part of town we had never really seen before. We stopped for milkshakes, played in the snow, watched the “hor-sees” and took way too many pictures. It was so fun to listen to music in the car, dance, laugh and have family time.
  5. Baking: Now, let me preface this by saying, it usually ends up a disaster, but it’s always fun! I’m just terrible in the kitchen. We purchased a couple of kitchen pieces to help with baking from Sears and it’s the perfect way to have family time. Obviously, we dance around the kitchen (we always dance), we make up new recipes, put way too much sugar in our cookies and make the kitchen a mess, but it’s perfect and it always leaves my heart so happy.

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