Favorite Things Game – Blog Version


Can you believe Christmas is almost here?! Literally, in ONE week from today! Who’s kid is gettin’ antsy and what Mama is thinking oh crap, when am I going to wrap all of these presents? HA! The struggle is real. Well – I’ve been seeing the “favorite things” game being played all over Instagram, in church, basically everywhere and I thought – let’s get this thing going on here! So I wanted to share a few of my favorite things, all things that are totally affordable and TOTALLY on Amazon – so you know, you can order in time for Christmas 😉 If you want to please do the same in the comments and share one or two of your favorite things!


  1. Raw Sugar Living – seriously, you can get it on Amazon or in store at Target. It’s basically like a spa party AT YOUR HOUSE. It smells so good and makes your skin feel like butta!
  2. Pop Socket – Do you have one on your phone because if you don’t just go ahead and treat yoself now with it. Oh and get the car mount one too 😉
  3. Car Trash Can – Y’all can laugh all you want, but I promise the minute you get one of these you’re going to be like OKAY THIS CHANGED MY LIFE!
  4. Tarte Shape Tape – oh my contour, best concealer EVER. I literally keep a back up bottle under the bathroom sink, it’s that good.


Okay, now we want to hear your favorite things!!

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