DIY Calendar


New year, more organized. That’s the goal anyways? Or just more crafty? I’m not really sure…either way, I was inspired on Pinterest by all the cute DIY Calendars, so I set out to make one! Here’s the how to:



  • Paint Samples (hit home depot, grab around 35- yep that person)
  • A 12X16-12X18 picture frame, either works, you might just have to cut them down smaller
  • Scissors or a paper cutter
  • Double sided tape



  1. Take the cardboard out of the frame and the picture it comes with, flip that over and glue it to the cardboard so it’s a blank white side. HT4B0107
  2. Now, start cutting your paint samples! Mine are 1″X 1″ and perfect size.
  3. Lay them out – lay them out nicely on the board before you start taping otherwise you might hate how they lay! HT4B0124
  4. Once you’ve found the perfect layout, start taping them down.
  5. Once they’re all down, put it back in the frame, grab a dry erase marker and you’re ready to go! HT4B0126

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