Five Date Night Ideas

Anyone else do the same date night every time? To the same restaurant? Not gonna lie, that’s totally us and we hit Olive Garden basically every time and then he usually lets me roam the aisles of Target – I picked a winner 😉 HA! I was thinking about it the other day though and thought – we need to change things up, do somethin’ different! So I started googling, asking around and came up with some fun new date nights and I thought it would be fun to share them with you guys!


  1. Bowling – Okay, so we actually followed through on this and it was seriously A BLAST! Even just the two of us, it was super fun. We ate junk food, bowled and just had the best time.
  2. Salsa dancing – this one is going to take a little more convincing from the husband, but in due time 😉 How fun would that be?!
  3. Try a new restaurant – maybe you’ll be better than us, we are both pretty picky eaters so this one is a challenge, but even we need to step outside of our comfort zones and just make it happen!
  4. A weekend getaway – this one takes a lot more planning than your typical date night, but I really think (even if it’s a night in at home) that you should take a little getaway with each other at least once a year!
  5. Go to a comedy club – my husband actually proposed to me after a comedy show, so well…they hold a special place in my heart 😉 BUT either way – they’re a blast and you can’t even be mad on comedy nights because you’ve been laughing all night.


What are some of your favorite date night ideas?!

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