Gardening with Littles – DIY Markers

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 3.51.22 PM

Since spring is in the air and it’s finally starting to warm up outside, we thought it would be fun to show you a simple, fun DIY way to mark your garden and keep track of what you’re growing! I used this a few years ago and loved it so much, I’ve done it every year since. I’m so excited to garden again this year and am working on things this weekend! What’s your favorite thing to grow?!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Paint sticks (free at your local hardware store)
  • Puffy Paint
  • Paint


The how to:

Seriously, it’s self explanatory and super easy, but hit your hardware store, grab paint sticks (as many as you need – they’re great about giving them out). Then paint away! I’m a little bit of an OCD person, so I color coordinate mine…but obviously you don’t need to do that, ha ūüėČ SO paint the sticks, let them dry and then use puffy paint (or a sharpie) and mark what each one is!

These sticks are great though because they’re SO tall compared to others, so you can see them through the growth and it just adds a fun touch to your garden!

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