8 Things to do this Summer

Can you believe it?! Summer is here and in full force! It’s literally my favorite season of the year, fall following closely behind. I plan to live it up this summer, so I thought I would share some fun ways that you can do the same. All of the ideas are totally family friendly, so littles will have fun too and well, most of them are totally free – so that’s an even bigger win.

  1. Tour Your Own City – This is actually something I love to do! There’s just something about going downtown (or wherever), looking at the history, eating at the best restaurants and just making a day of it!
  2. Splash Pads – Not sure where you’re located, but I sure hope for your sake they have splash pads because well, I’ll be at all of them this summer!
  3. Read a Book – I’m always making up excuses as to why I can’t read a good book, most of them being that I’m well…too busy, so this summer I’ve set a goal to start AND FINISH a book!
  4. Have an Outdoor Movie Night – Bring all the blankets and pillows to the backyard, set up a fun little movie night, pop some popcorn and have fun!
  5. Visit a National Park – they’re all over, so you’re likely somewhat close to one (maybe, I hope for your sake), so get out and visit one!
  6. Volunteer – I’m so excited my little one is a little older this summer because I can take her with me and show her the happiness that volunteering brings!
  7. Look at the Stars – Again, backyard or drive out somewhere where you can really see them! Bring snacks, blankets and make a night of it.
  8. Hit the Local Water Park or Amusement Park – Obviously, if you’re lucky enough to live close to either – it’s a MUST!

What are you doing this summer?!



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